Michelle Clarke
Natural Science Illustrator

Botanical Illustration Gallery

  1. Figs
    2 Page Spread in a produce guide for VCU students that aims to teach and provoke their interest in trying new and unusual fruits.
  2. Honesty Plant Reproduction
    Honesty Plant Reproduction
    (Lunaria annua) Details the reproductive parts of a plant and the steps involved in doing so Pen & Ink
  3. Pollen Grain
    Pollen Grain
    Erect Pricklypear Pollen (Opuntia stricata) Graphite
  4. Black Bat Orchid
    Black Bat Orchid
    Coryanthes speciosa Pen & Ink
  5. Milkweed
    Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator
  6. Pollen Grain Plate
    Pollen Grain Plate
    Microscopic pollen grains for a variety of angiosperms. Pen & Ink
  7. Japanese Maple Leaves
    Japanese Maple Leaves
    Prismacolor Pencil
  8. Magnolia Tree
    Magnolia Tree
    Page from an illustrated Field Guide of Richmond plant species