Michelle Clarke
Natural Science Illustrator

Microbes, Insects, & Human Anatomy Illustration Gallery

  1. Volvox Reproduction
    Volvox Reproduction
    Details of volvox (colonial green algae) asexual reproduction
  2. Eastern Hercules Beetle
    Eastern Hercules Beetle
    Dynastes tityus Graphite
  3. Dinoflagellate Fusion
    Dinoflagellate Fusion
    Noctiluca scintillins
  4. Eleder Borer Beetle
    Eleder Borer Beetle
    Pachyteria dimidiata Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
  5. Creeping Water Bug
    Creeping Water Bug
    Ambrysus cayo
  6. Italian Striped Bug
    Italian Striped Bug
    (Graphosoma lineatum) Acrylic Paint
  7. Spurge Hawk Moth Caterpillar
    Spurge Hawk Moth Caterpillar
    Hyles euphorbiae Oil Pastel
  8. Orchid Mantis
    Orchid Mantis
    Acrylic Paint
  9. Muscle & Skeletal Structure of the Torso
    Muscle & Skeletal Structure of the Torso
    A drawing of the skeletal structure of the torso overlaid by a drawing of the muscle structure of the torso
  10. Muscles of the leg
    Muscles of the leg
    lateral and anterior views of the leg and its muscle structure
  11. Male Figure
    Male Figure
    Figure drawing from observation
  12. Large Intestines
    Large Intestines
  13. Large Intestines
    Large Intestines
    Labeled anatomy of the large intestines
  14. Parts of a Mosquito
    Parts of a Mosquito
  15.  Kuschelina decorata (Flea Beetle)
    Kuschelina decorata (Flea Beetle)
    Illustration for Smithsonian NMNH Entomology Lab Internship